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Work Permits

Section for Filing Permits - School Use Only

This section of the web page provides legitimate school district representatives the ability to electronically create, view, or modify Age & Schooling Certificates for students desiring work permits effective September 1, 2002. Only duly authorized school representatives should be attempting to access the "Work Permits area" link. Students or employers wishing to begin the application process should see the next section below.

Note: This area will not be effective until September 1, 2002. Although schools may receive their user name and password prior to that date, last minute adjustments and testing will take place during the last week in August. If as of September 3, you have not yet received your user name and password from the Bureau and need to issue a permit, continue using the old paper process until you get your user name and password. The Bureau anticipates that there will be a short transition period. If after getting your user name and password, you have difficulty logging in, have forgotten your password, or have any other questions concerning connectivity to the Work Permits area, contact by email the Wage & Hour Systems Administrator.

Warning: Intentional submission of false or misleading information is strictly forbidden. Our data systems can and do record information regarding user activities.

Pre-Application Forms - Student (Minor), Employer, and School Use

To obtain a minor work permit, students/minors should use a pre-application form to gather the necessary information and approvals from their potential employer and from their parents or legal guardian. The form is filled out completely, signed, and is then taken to the minor's school where a permit is issued based on the information on the form. Anyone (student, employer, or school personnel), may print a copy of the form to begin the process of obtaining a work permit. In addition, the Physician's Certificate can be printed out for those minors that are required to take a physical for employment purposes. The forms are in PDF format.

Minor Work Permit Pre-Application Form (PDF)

Physician's Certificate (PDF)

Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for those documents listed as PDF files. If your computer does not have Acrobat Reader, you can download a version suitable for your system, free of charge, from the Adobe Acrobat Page.

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